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Dante Alighieri particularly loved music, which he approached the reader through the use of metaphors and symbols.

Descent to Hell is a work full of suggestions for the beauty of the verses, the Divine Comedy has been a source of inspiration for generations of composers.

In Hell, a myriad of sounds evoked by the poet describe the darkness and raging pain of the damned souls providing the most fertile ground for musical creation.

The Launch in Photos

"DESCENT TO HELL", which inaugurates the program of the Teatro Del Navile, combines music, theater, contemporary dance and visual arts: four different languages through which Francesco Maria Gallo, accompanied by Simona Rae (in the role of Francesca), Manuel Auteri (feat. in “Inferno”), Pietro Posani (guitar) and Renato Droghetti (piano), will re-propose live his personal vision of Dante's Inferno circle contained in the album “Inferno”.

The visuals and lights are by Federica Lecce, the sound design of the show by Rodolfo Rod Mannara, while the choreographies have been conceived and will be staged by Martina Danieli and Francesco Leone.

During the show, produced by Michela Merighi Management, Nino Campisi, former protagonist of the short film "CARONTE" will also intervene (visible at the following link  and nominated at the Berlin International Short Film Festival in the music films section, at the Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival and at the Belo Horizionte International Short Film Festival in the shorhfilm international competition section).

With "INFERNO", produced by Renato Droghetti, the singer-songwriter Francesco Maria Gallo overwrites his own free interpretation of the songs and characters chosen, who here tell their own truth.  All reworked in a rock key, with the contribution of great artists such as Ricky Portera, Pier Mingotti, Stefano “Perez” Peretto, Pietro Posani, Simona Rae and Enrico Evangelisti.

This is the tracklist of "INFERNO": "Selva Oscura", "Charon", "Francesca" (played by Simona Rae), "Bacio Sospeso", "Medusa", "Pier's Silence", "Il Gigante", "Ugolino "," The emperor of pain "feat. Simona Rea, “Inferno” feat Enrico Evangelisti and the ghost track “Desolazione”.

After having lost his way like the great poet in the Dark Forest, while keeping his gaze turned to 1200, with the song "Caronte", the current single on the radio, Francesco Maria Gallo also ferries the public into the hell of our contemporaneity. An explicit reference to the present is hidden in the ghost track "Desolation", that Our Father which represents an antithesis of prayer, a harsh and disillusioned cry, but also the hope of being able to awaken the human soul corrupted by the torpor of selfishness.

“INFERNO” has had the patronage and recognition as a quality cultural work by the Symbola foundation, which promotes and aggregates Italian Quality ( ).

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